John S. Gee September 30, 2005   I have been a client of Sue for over 3 years. During that time, I have seen her consistently every week.  I find that Sue is not only professional in every sense of the word, but more importantly, she is intuitive, sensitive, and aware beyond her years.  She integrates her profession with my personal needs in such a way that I am dependent on her weekly visits. In my case being wheel chair bound and in need of muscle exercise and blood flow therapy, Sue delivers a wide range of treatment skills and completely understands the body mechanics and their interaction.  She is the best therapist that I have experienced in my over 20 years of seeking massage therapy.  Finally, she is the consummate professional and is seen in the highest ranks of her profession.

Sue Walker is a gifted, intuitive and mature healer.  A massage from her is a unique experience; her hands have intelligence and healing power to find the wounds and work lovingy to unlock their health.  A massage from Sue is a gift we owe ourselves because it deeply contributes to our well being and our ability to give love into the world.
Now that I live in Vermont, whenever I am coming to NJ setting up a massage with Sue is the first appointment I set up for myself.

Rev. Diane Nancekivelle

Susan is truly a unique person and a wonderful massage therapist.  She listens to me and seeks information that will guide her in the choices she makes during my massage.  Her knowledge and years of experience are combined with a sense of caring and sensitivity that is rare and unique.  I have been a client of Susan's for about 15 years and I have never known another massage therapist with her expertise and her ability to fine tune the massage session to deal with my aches and help me to feel my best.  

She is always generous with sharing her knowledge and loaning me books that target problem areas in my life and body.  She is a great teacher with a wonderful understanding of the body and its mechanics and can convey this in a unique manner that is specific to my needs and my body.  She does this with patience and clarity. 

Susan is always endeavoring to gain new knowledge, education and expertise in her professional work.  She encourages me to create a healthier lifestyle and supports me with exercises and relaxation techniques that are specific to my needs. 

There is a radiance and exuberance that shines throughtout Susan's work.  She inspires and I leave feeling better both physically and spiritually.  I trust her and value her in so many ways and I know that she is one of a kind that is truly irreplaceable. 

Bonnie F. North, January 16, 2011

Sue Walker, CMT, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master et al
Sue is a wonderful massage therapist who approaches each client with a desire to relieve their pain and discomfort.  She applies her breadth of knowledge and years of experience in finding and exercising the sources of pain.  She tunes into those pains which are more than physical and encourages the client to identify and pursue that healing as well.  She is very generous in sharing information and recommending excellent complementary practitioners.  She has helped me through a variety of life struggles.  She is a trusted friend.
Ann Flynn

My wife and I have been clients of Sue Walker for over ten years and wouldn't want to miss one of her sessions.  We are receiving sports massage from Sue, who seems to have unlimited strength and patience to work on areas which need attention, including the entire body, getting us back into shape each time to almost as good as new.  Sue is a thorough pro who can be highly recommended to anyone whose body needs some work, as well as a workout.
Win and Hildegarde Straube

Letter of Recommendation:
This is a letter of recommendation for Susan Walker of Bodyzen MassageTherapy.  Susan Walker helped so much by adding a program to the Student Government Association's 24-Hour Student Center at the College of New Jersey on May 5 and 6, 2003.  Walker was able to provide an able staff of ten massage therapists for stress relief and fun for the students at the College during finals week.
Walker was herself very easy to work with, extremely helpful and knowledgable within her field, professional, kind, and timely.  She fulfilled all of our requests and she and her staff performed a wonderful program that was well received by the students of the College of New Jersey. I quoted prices from several massage therapy schools and businesses an Susan Walker provided the lowest fee and she easily was able to fit our program into ther schedule, which I deeply appreciated.  I would definitely recommend that anyone running a similar program contact Susan Walker and Bodyzen MassageTherapy.  If anyone would like to contact me for a further reference, I can be reached at kell2@tcnj.edu.
John Kell
The Student Government Association
The College of New Jersey

"I have know Sue for a number of years and have always found her to be very professional and, at the same time, genuinely interested in the client's well being.  She has a gift for asking questions about my aches and pains, listening to my description, and then tailoring the session to help me feel my best.  I would highly recommend Sue for a bodywork session that targets your problem areas and leaves you with an overall positive outlook on life."
Kevin Hartshorn

Sue Walker is a caring and skilled professional massage therapist that we have been seeing monthly for ten years.  She has provided us with excellent bodywork to ease our aches and pains...and reduced our tension through deep relaxation techniques.  Sue is an essential part of our overall wellness program.
Ray & Patricia Stonaker