Corporate Massage

Wellness at work or at your Event through on-site massage and/or yoga instruction.

The increasing demands at work and in the world has made on-site massage one of the most popular benefits in the workplace.  Employee's who receive the gift of on-site massage feel appreciated.  This lifts morale and productivity, decreases stress, relieves upper body tension and has an over-all effect on one's well-being.  Other benefits include:

Reduces the number of lost sick days.
Decreases back pain & headaches.
An incentive for recruiting new employees.
Increases an overall positive outlook on the job.

Contact me for a quote and if you receive a lower quote from a competitor, just let me know and I will match it.  I guarantee the highest quality service at the most competitive price.

On-site massage
is affordable and available on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. 
Three ways to make massage at the workplace financially possible:

The employer pays 100%.
The employer and employee each pay 50%
The employees each pay 100% for themselves.

It will always be an event employees will look forward to and it creates a positive light on an ordinary day.

See my "Testimonials" for recommendations on events.

Other benefits include:

Less sick days lost
Less back pain
Better problem solving skills
Quicker response time
The ability to deflect conflict
More energy and vitality
Improved self-esteem
Stonger team bonds

Employees who are happy at their job tend to stay in their job.

Contact me for a quote.  I guarantee the highest quality service and the best competitive price.
Om Shanti Peace